Nathan Parton

I’m Nathan. I’ve been interested in photography for longer than cars but when I started driving I developed a fascination with cars – the machines and the sub-cultures related to them. I love grassroots motorsport far more than the big budget stuff. I love being able to visit a racetrack, wander around the pits and see the cars up close before they go on the track. I take my own car on track and have attempted a few drift days with er… limited success. I usually end up spending more time behind the camera than the wheel so I’m sticking to that for the time being.

I don’t think I’m an exceptional photographer but I wanted to separate out this stuff from my personal life, so inventing the name “Lensburn” is a way to do that. It’s also something to hide behind.



“Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”

Imogen Cunningham
Photographer, 1883-1976