This sort of thing annoys me

This may sound petty but after spending hours standing in all weathers photographing races, spending a fortune on equipment and staying up until the early hours to get photos processed and uploaded, it does sting a bit to see my pictures used with no credit – especially as I would have been happy for them to be used in return for just a small credit.

Last month I visited my local track to watch some truck racing from the British Truck Racing Association. I was pleased that the Max 5 Racing series was also going to be there too. As an MX5 owner I had an interest in watching it, and I knew that some of the members on the forum would be there so I thought I’d get some pictures for them.

After arriving a bit late I took as many photos as I could including a few of the drivers. I uploaded them to Flickr, posted them on Twitter and also posted links on I then noticed that my picture of Amy had been used on the Max5 site, along with a couple of the Mk3 champion Jonathan Cryer. I was pretty pleased that they were being used, but they hadn’t credited me at all – even worse they had cropped the picture of Jonathan, removing my watermark in the process.

Even after a pleasant comment on their Facebook page Max 5 Racing didn’t bother adding a credit despite them saying that they’d speak to their web creator.

The full set of photos I uploaded is on my personal Flickr page here –