Physical Photos

Physical prints of photos shouldn’t be such a novelty but they are.

I grew up in the film era, but films  and processing were expensive so it wasn’t uncommon to have Christmas photos and summer holiday snaps on the same film. These days it’s not the financial cost but the time – who has time to sort through the hundreds of photos taken in the last few months to get them printed?

Anyway – getting back to the point. I got a selection of my photos printed to give to drivers & friends who have supported me and given me something to point my camera at. I gave the framed BMW print to the owner who happened to be the 100th person to like the Lensburn Facebook page. The other picture above is a canvas print requested by the car’s owner.

I love taking photos that put a smile on someone’s face but it’s even better when they get an actual physical print that might still be around after Facebook photos disappear.