Celebrating Women In Motorsport

The little girl on the bike in the picture above is my daughter on Pembrey Racetrack. I sometimes take her (and my son) to the odd event and I really don’t want either of them growing up, only seeing women at these events posing in skin-tight lycra, so, I make a point of showing them female drivers, marshalls and pit crew. I don’t want my daughter to have to hear jokes about ‘women drivers’ or for my son to think that women/girls have to conform to a stereotype either.

So, I went through my photos from the last year or so and picked a few out and started a week of posting women on my Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. I was a bit nervous that it might come across as patronising or creepy but I think everyone got what I was aiming at and understood the sentiment. At the same time I started doing this, Tokyo Auto Salon was on and I started seeing pictures of crowds of salivating men photographing the promo girls there and I really hope that in some tiny way my effort was a little bit of an antidote to that sort of thing.

The other thing that happened was that the DriftHer brand, launched by drifter Belinda Challis was re-launched, so for any lady racers/drifters/petrol-heads, take a look at the DriftHer clothing range on SuperDrift Apparel.

It was a fun thing to do and if it made even one person think a bit differently about the role of women in motorsport then it was worthwhile. I won’t go into detail about each driver here, but have look at the posts on the Facebook page for that (posts between 19th-25th January).