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It’s Been A While

I have been pretty terrible at updating the blog here. I do have a good excuse though – I’ve been busy actually taking and processing thousands of photos. In the last year or so I’ve taken photos at Goodwood Festival of Speed, Castle Combe (Spring Action Day and ‘Japday’), Anglesey Circuit/Trac Môn (Drift Matsuri), Rockingham Circuit (Spring Drift Matsuri, Drift Cup), Birmingham Wheels Raceway (Drift Outlaws), Pendine Sands (VHRA Hotrod races) and of course at my local track, Pembrey Circuit. I’ve also worked on flyers, websites and promo images for various people. It’s been a busy old time so excuse the […]

One year on

It’s been just over a year since I started Lensburn and a lot has happened. When I started, every picture had been taken from spectator areas – this year I purchased public liability insurance that enabled me to get out on track. I’ve been to quite a few events this year too: Castle Combe Spring Action Day Goodwood Festival of Speed Drift Outlaws rounds 2 and 3 Drift Matsuri Anglesey Vintage Hotrod Association race day at Pendine sands and a number of other drift practise days and events. Now that things are quietening down for the Winter I’ll start writing […]

Celebrating Women In Motorsport

The little girl on the bike in the picture above is my daughter on Pembrey Racetrack. I sometimes take her (and my son) to the odd event and I really don’t want either of them growing up, only seeing women at these events posing in skin-tight lycra, so, I make a point of showing them female drivers, marshalls and pit crew. I don’t want my daughter to have to hear jokes about ‘women drivers’ or for my son to think that women/girls have to conform to a stereotype either. So, I went through my photos from the last year or […]

Physical Photos

Physical prints of photos shouldn’t be such a novelty but they are. I grew up in the film era, but films  and processing were expensive so it wasn’t uncommon to have Christmas photos and summer holiday snaps on the same film. These days it’s not the financial cost but the time – who has time to sort through the hundreds of photos taken in the last few months to get them printed? Anyway – getting back to the point. I got a selection of my photos printed to give to drivers & friends who have supported me and given me […]

This sort of thing annoys me

This may sound petty but after spending hours standing in all weathers photographing races, spending a fortune on equipment and staying up until the early hours to get photos processed and uploaded, it does sting a bit to see my pictures used with no credit – especially as I would have been happy for them to be used in return for just a small credit. Last month I visited my local track to watch some truck racing from the British Truck Racing Association. I was pleased that the Max 5 Racing series was also going to be there too. As an MX5 owner […]

Flickr Sets Added

I’ve just added a menu item for Flickr sets (or Albums as they’re now called). These are larger albums of images from specific events, some a bit below-par, but uploaded so I could share them with friends, other drivers and forum users. Have a look through but don’t judge me on the quality of these ones 🙂

First Post!

So, after a lot of thought I’ve decided to make up a name and start a photography site. Welcome to Lensburn. This is really only because I started getting Facebook friend requests and Twitter follows from people who are there for the photos and not really interested in my personal life. I quite enjoy the process of building websites and my plan is to create this site for all the motorsport related photos and another for the less petrol-head stuff. I feel like a bit of a fraud for using a WordPress site and buying in a theme but I’ve […]