Kinzuru Autosalon

Not long after learning to drive I decided to change from the 1.0 Toyota Yaris I’d ended up with and get something more exciting. That turned out to be a 14 year old Honda CRX (or Del Sol as the imports are known). I loved it and took it to many car meets and shows. While zooming around with another Del Sol owner we stopped at a vinyl cutting place to pick up some replacement decals. While we were waiting two guys roared up in a Mazda RX7, which I still think is one of the coolest cars ever, and told us about their new business importing Japanese cars.

Fast -forward about seven years and those guys are still around – one now runs Kinzuru Autosalon. Kinzuru manufacture fibre glass bumpers and body parts for many drift cars and supply some of the Uk’s top drifters. There is also a range of drift-inspired clothing. As well as all that they are dealers of Rota wheels. They also work closely with mechanic, drift nutter and IRN-BRU addict Gordon McIsaac, who at the time of these photos, was building a drift pickup truck based on a Nissan S13 with a Skyline RB engine.

So, when Al from E11evens said he was paying Kinzuru a visit to check out the new drift truck I cheekily offered to come and help. Al is a proper photographer and the E11evens brand is very strong in the drift scene so it was a good opportunity for me to watch a pro at work. We had a very enjoyable evening chatting until the early hours with Gav of Kinzuru and Gordon, while I played around with a new flash & some gels, while trying to stay out of Al’s way. As well as the large workshop and the mezzanine/upper floor used for fibre glass production there is also a cosy lounge type area with sofas and proper ‘garage mugs’ of tea.

I’m really pleased that some of my images were used by Al on the E11evens Facebook page.

Here’s a picture of the finished truck, drifting at the Welsh Vintage Extravaganza at Pembrey Circuit.


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