Pistonheads Breakfast Meet 31-08-14

The website Pistonheads has a large forum with geographically specific sub-forums that arrange a number of meets around the country. I’d read of a South West Wales meet that is held about 5 minutes from my house so I decided to take a look. Although I’ve been using the Pistonheads site for a number of years I’ve never really got into the forums there as tend to prefer smaller, marque-specific forums. This meant I was arriving without knowing anyone.

The meet is held in the car park of a small shopping area that houses my local Indian takeaway, hairdresser and Spares World branch so I’m quite familiar with it. On this particular sunny Sunday morning it all looked a bit different. There were several Ferraris lined up outside the takeaway, and a pretty varied selection of other cars including an Aston Martin, a Porsche GT3, a Mercedes SLS, a Jaguar XKRS and many more. It was tough to find interesting angles as the cars were all parked so close together, and the most photogenic cars were often surrounded. In an attempt to make the photos a bit more interesting I experimented a bit more than usual with the processing, and used a CCTV lens mounted on my camera for some slightly dreamy retro-ish shots.

It was quite a surprise seeing this lot parked near the local shops, and living in an area that is one of the less affluent areas of the UK you don’t expect to see these cars that often. Having said that there’s a Ferrari F40 not far away and I regularly pass a Maserati on my way to work. It’s funny what you can spot when you keep your eyes open.

The Pistonheads South West Wales breakfast meets happen on the last Sunday of every month at Cross Hands square shopping centre, from around 9am.


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